Thursday, January 8, 2009


I was raised watching Soap Operas. Some of my earliest memories were of my Aunt Elaine coming to our house on her lunch hour to drink a can of Sego while we all watched Search for Tomorrow and The Edge of Night. I took a break during elementary school, although I can't think of a family dinner when someone didn't mention "the stories". By the time I hit high school we had a color tv and my summers were spent with Phillip and Tara. As a young adult with my first vcr, I would tape several hours of soaps each day and every evening fast forward through all but my favorite story lines. At some point I stopped watching, but glimpses of soap magazines in the grocery store line kept me up to snuff on story lines. A couple of months ago a girl at work commented on her facebook that she was about to watch her soap at 11 at night. I was curious as to how she did it, did a little internet surfing, found a site and watched a show......and I am totally hooked all over again! So many of the same characters played by the same actors were still there- my old friends! At first I was very closeted, watching As The World Turns after everyone else in my house had gone to bed. Then came the day that I could not wait to see what had happened and Kendra caught me. Busted. To the credit of ATWT I must say that they have done what GLBT activists have been trying to do for years. All over the country there are elderly aunts and grandmothers and sisters and friends all hoping that Luke and Noah can patch things up and get back together! So, I could say that I'm watching ATWT because they are breaking new ground.......

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Sue, I just screamed out loud at the end of this video snatch, I loved it so much!
Yours, Cindy