Wednesday, January 14, 2009


About a year ago Kendra and I took on a little project that was our secret until recently. We got the idea from Jen Lemen. We cut bright pieces of paper and used sparkly water colors to make them beautiful, then added fun messages. Things like, "Don't give up!" "Breathe, Sister, Breathe", "Perfection is tiresome. Be messy", "Treat yourself kindly" and so on. We made it our mission to leave one in the restroom of every place we happened to go. I carried them in my planner and while we were out one of us would give the other the secret wink and off we would go to plant the little note. Every detail of this was fun, from making the little notes to hiding them, but the most fun was having a secret with Kendra.

Kendra made a hard choice this week. She would say that it wasn't a hard choice, but it cost her something she enjoyed very much. I am very proud of her, and would have had a hard time choosing.

And so, tonight I hide the tiniest of notes in my heart, behind her sink, and hang it out there for the universe. "Trust your tender heart"

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Anonymous said...

Looking at all these tiny houses was a great way to start out my day. Thought I might pick one to be my favorite, but fell in love with them all.