Tuesday, January 20, 2009

September 14, 2006
Slugger Field
Dear Kendra, Shameka, and Chiayim-
Do you remember the night Shawn and I drug you off to Slugger Field with us to see Senator Barack Obama? Well, we didn't really have to drag you ,but you were fairly indifferent to it all. I remember saying to you that night, "If ever there were to be a black President, it would be Barack Obama."
What I have realized since then was that I did believe that he was capable to fill the office.
What I could not even imagine was that he could be elected to it.
Against all hope I made you view countless youtube videos, poor Chiayim's email box was always full of articles I wanted him to read (wonder if he really did read any of them?!), I launched and Chiayim executed a detailed plan to see him at the Convention Center.
You endured. I'm not sure if you were totally sold, I'm not sure if you even understood, but you went along for the ride.
You cooked dinner on the nights I worked at the phone bank. You watched debates with me- real and the SNL versions. On Election Night when John McCain gave his concession speech Chiayim called from college, ecstatic and in a room where other students were equally excited. I wouldn't wake you girls up until I saw the Obama's step to the platform. I could not even let myself believe it could be true until I saw that moment.
I know you were shocked when I said that you could stay home from school today. I'm a little surprised myself! But I want you to see this with YOUR eyes, in real time, feel it make your heart swell.
Someday I want you to tell your kids that your crazy mom woke you up at midnight to see Barack Obama address the nation on the night of his election,
that you stood for several hours packed like sardines to hear him speak,
that you watched his inauguration with your mom and grandmother and aunt.
I hope that when you say how absolutely huge it was for a person of color to become President that they will find it hard to understand what the big deal was.
I hope that in the same breath you will tell them that I called all of you at college and in apartments at midnight to tell you to get up- a woman was about to give her acceptance speech!
I want you to say, "I saw it with my own eyes."
Happy Election Day!!

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SCB said...

Sue, what a lovely post to your children. I know this is going to sound completely crazy, but I keep a journal for my future children - I don't write often, just when monumentous things happen like A's transplant - and I wrote an entry on the day of Obama's inauguration. What an amazing day for us and our future! I am glad that you were able to share this experience with them.