Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I stumbled upon One Year of Beauty yesterday and it gave the day a whole new perspective. It's Liv's blog, and she says,
"In October 2006, while I was sitting at a stoplight, I looked up and noticed a brilliant rainbow in the sky. Hoping others had seen the rainbow, too, I looked at the cars around me. Sadly, all the other drivers were too preoccupied to notice the rainbow right in front of us. I wondered how many rainbows or other beauty sightings I had missed by being too distracted and disconnected. So, I decided to force myself into the habit of noticing beauty daily, taking a picture and writing some reflections online every day for a year.It’s incredible what happens when you remember to look up; the project was truly transformational for me. The icing on the cake was hearing from people around the world who were inspired to look for beauty in their own lives.
Some days we all wake up and feel the world seems pretty ugly, the future seems pretty bleak. But when you start to pay attention to the good stuff in life, I swear the good stuff multiplies."

And my beauty sighting yesterday was captured in this picture- Willow in yet another crazy sleeping position, balanced precariously on the edge and giving herself totally to the task at hand- taking a nap. I had not stepped foot outside my front door in 48 hours and was growing weary of this house and its occupants, but this sweet sight was good medicine.

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