Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fresh Stop- Week Three


And, as you can see, it just keeps getting better and better!  This week: potatoes, lettuce, red and white onions, green beans, sugar snap peas, spinach, yellow squash, kale,cucumber, and tomatoes. 

So, here are my plans.  The spinach went fast- some stuffed shells the night I picked it up, and the next night it was a perfect bed to serve this realllllllyyyyy good salmon on.   Of course, we made it for two.

Tomorrow I’ll cook the traditional green beans and potatoes of the south, laced with bacon and a lot of salt.

Today I used some of the red onion in this salad.

I was going to make kale chips, but then my friend pinned this recipe, and now I’m leaning toward this.

And I’m definitely going to use some of the yellow squash and some zucchini to try shaved since I keep running into recipes.  Maybe I’ll do this salad.

I started eating the sugar snaps in the car on the way home with them, and I personally sliced and ate all three of the tomatoes…… Can’t wait for next Wednesday!

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