Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wednesday Link Love

If you haven’t read this story, do.  You never know what kids are thinking  (or will say!).
Love these bowls!  And doesn’t he make it look easy?  Probably not….
I think I want to go on vacation with the Hamptons!
While this would not work for those folks who don’t want their foods to touch, sounds great to me!
So, now I MUST have some pistachio dust……
A bank for your riches!

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PJ said...

Hi, I just love your blog. I think I found it from Friday Fill-in's...this morning I spent a little time with it and I found you after this posting. just love the picture...I'm a mom of two biracial kids (I'm white/husband black) hair is very important, so this picture really struck me :) WONDERFUL-this is the first time I've seen it. He has a lot more grey hair now ;) Anyway, I'll never forget the day after he became President...(I drive school buses) one of my bi-racial students stepped on the bus that morning and said, 'Ms. Paula, guess what??? We have a black President!' It was important and no matter political affiliation or thoughts as we approach another was important for many beyond what we know!!!