Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fresh Stop- Week Four


This week’s haul included: peaches, beets, (and beet greens!), broccoli, green peppers, zucchini, swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, and tomatoes. 

The peaches got eaten pretty fast, and straight from hand to mouth.  They met the criteria of good peaches- so juicy that you get peach all over you when you eat one.

The beets were pickled and eaten- by me.

The zucchini paired with some yellow summer squash were used to make this salad which was delicious!!

The Chinese cabbage was HUGE and it took lots of slicing and dicing to bring it under submission.  But, so worth it when we sat down to this yummy salad.

Looking forward to trying my hand at making stuffed chard leaves.  No  picture, but Sounds great.

Hopefully, all of these great fresh nutritious dishes will balance out the Texas Sheetcake I made tonight for a co-worker’s birthday.

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Beth Akins said...

oh, i'd love to know how to pickle beets- your recipe? Again, I do need to do this. So much cheaper than my market. But, I might miss my peeps!
Plus, Chef Jim was a little uncertain about finding recipes for the food vs food for the recipes! ha