Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So much to love about each of us!


One of our family traditions, started 9 years ago, was to write in these little books rather than buy Valentines for each other. We used to keep them out all of the time, but in recent years they show up around the 1st of February and hang out the rest of the month in the hopes that each book gets at least one post from each of us. I was just looking through a few of the things written in them

Dad- Thinks for teaching me thangs your so sweet i love you. You are so cute when you talk. “

S, thanks for leting me carry your backpack” (Was someone telling on someone?!!!) Because for sure someone was here. “S always cleans the carpet with the vacum. When Mom is asking her to clean it with the carpet cleaner. Love, K”

K, you nave an excellent vocabulary.”

Mom, I like that you tell me when it is time to get in the tub and for letting Weber sleep on my bed. I like that when I am bad you still let me watch the Olympics.”

You are the sweetest mother I have.”

I love how alert you are.”

You can see why these are my treausres!

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donna said...

"I love how alert you are"....that was precious. And yes, you are a great mother for letting Weber sleep on the bed all those years. Where do Willow and Odie/Otis sleep?