Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Love Mountains

I want to walk on the Appalachian Trail, climb to the top of a mountain and yell, I want my children's children's children's children's grandchildren to have this blessing as well. (Mitch Barrett lyrics)

Tomorrow while I am at work, my heart will be in Frankfort on the capital steps with many of my friends who will be attending I Love Mountains Day. It is a fitting way to spend Valentines Day- truly a big wide public display of affection on the part of Kentuckians who are begging to be seen and heard as they seek to protect our beautiful mountains from the horrible mountaintop removal practices of coal companies. It is such an elementary issue that I am both astounded and embarrassed that our state government has at best turned a blind eye to this practice, and at worst has hands dirtied by profit made at the cost of the irreplaceable.

If you are not familiar with this devastating process, and even if you are, just watch this.

A great group of true salt of the earth heroes have already gone on to Frankfort in hopes of speaking truth to power, and they are camping out in the governor’s office waiting to try to reason with him.

Take a few moments out of your Valentines Day to show some love for our mountains. For more info and how best to do that, check out ilovemountains.

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