Thursday, February 10, 2011

How Sweet is this?!

This is a message of love and appreciation for some women who I do not know, will likely never know. They are members of the Campus Ministry group at Crestwood Baptist Church, and one day a week they come to my daughter’s dorm and take over the laundry room. For the students who show up to do laundry, they offer to take it off their hands and do it for them. They pay for the washers and dryers. They wash, dry, and fold every item, and they pray for that particular student while they do their wash. They put all of the clean laundry back in the basket along with a little love note, and happily hand it back to the student when she comes back to pick it up. They even have a little form that the girls can fill out and put in their laundry basket where they can tell the women if they have special prayer requests. As the women say, “We’re going to be praying for you anyway. Tell us what you would like us to pray about for you today.”

As a mom, just about the quickest way to my heart is to do something kind for one of my kiddos. As my daughter told me about this she said, “And Mom, they even remember me each week and ask me how things are going in my life.” They made her a Valentine bag. So, yeah, they did her laundry. But they also “clucked” over her, they prayed for her, they remember her. Now that’s a Valentine. That’s a message of love-from God’s heart to theirs to my daughters’ to mine. God bless you, laundry ladies!