Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

Happy girls by ArtMind etcetera.

Hurry over to Art Mind for a how-to for Happy Girls!

And these are pretty happy looking too.

Fun little photo shoot!

Doesn’t this picnic look like fun?!

Set aside a chunk of time to read this.  It is a great read- Eating Well on $1 a day!

Not sure which is cuter, Audrey or her dress….

Now this looks like a good place for a cozy nap, huh?

I’d love to have this whole house…..but would settle for the sleeping porch and the little VW van that appears in most of the pictures.

This is a fun wedding story, and OH those hanging flower bottles!!!!

On the lookout now for enough doilies for a table runner!

I’ve been shut in for a week, and have spent a hefty chunk of time trying to defeat memory loss by playing along here.

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Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

This is one of my favorite WLL! I want to sleep on the sleep porch, can't wait to make a dress like that for my granddaughter, want hanging bottles with flowers on my back deck and want to throw a picnic party with popsicles and bubbles! I love word games, as you know. Thanks for the fun and inspiration as always! I made the BBQ in a jar last night- a big hit!