Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday link love

Check out Design Mom and her rocking chair project!

I’d have to go with darker colors, but I do think this wall idea is very cool!

I keep being drawn to these subway art projects.

Reason number 527 for getting more sleep. 

Doesn’t make for a pretty drawer?!

I’ve actually been playing a memory game online every night just to try to keep exercising my mind.  These look so easy to make!

Now if you are one of those who doesn’t like their foods to touch, this would not work.  If you’re okay with mixing it all up (I am) this is a cute idea for barbeque.

Loving this button corsage!

Oh, how fun! 

Maybe next getaway should be at Cayo Espanto instead of Berea!

And finally, a cute little picture that will make you swoon!!!!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Love the rocking chairs best of all.

donna said...

I read the sleep article in spite of the fact that it was from the Huffington Post. lol

Using the antique tea cups for organizing jewelry is a good idea. I have plenty of Phil's mother's tea cups and never know what to do with them. Right now I have jewelry oraganized in a drawer using small plastic containers.

Thinking about you this morning.


Allison said...

those rocking chairs are so pretty! i got lost in cute overload...oops.

ArtCricket2 said...

Another fun week! Love the tea cup idea- oh, good another collection obsession, though I do have hair doodads in an asian cup and saucer in my lingerie drawer. It's a start. I'm thinking of doing BBQ in jars for a little supper next week-great idea, I needed one- may do a version of the flip flops too. I'm gonna make memory cards for ez today!
What would I do without WLL? I get my best ideas here!

Sarah @ said...

I love the rocking chair photo there. I'll have to check out Design Mom's project now - my dad loves rocking chairs and ever since he started making one, I just can't get enough of checking them out everywhere!