Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For Today

Outside my window…..  a storm has blown through and broken the tension of humidity and dropped the temp a little.   I had not stepped my foot outside the door since Thursday and found a little dusk porch time with my neighbors very comfortable tonight.

I am  thinking...and thinking and thinking and still can’t come up with the perfect idea for DH for Father’s Day.  I’m not usually stumped, but this time I’m coming up empty on ideas.

I am thankful for...a lot this week.  I had some surgery on Thursday (nothing serious)  and my friends and family  have been so wonderful.  I am a bit of a control freak and my assumption that the world will spin off its axis if I’m not running the show has been proven false again and again.  DH and S have very capably taken on the running of the household and left me to just nap a lot.  Family and friends have shown up with food and flowers and good thoughts.  Facebook has kept me in touch with folks even while cut off for a bit during the recovery.  I’m thankful for the doctor and the nurses and the hospital who all made the day of surgery so easy for me.   I am grateful it is over and that I am drifting back into normal life, and hopeful for a good pathology report on Thursday.

From the kitchen….wait…. now where is the kitchen and what is it that I enjoy doing there?  I’ve done little more than sit down at the table and be served!  Oh yeah-   I’ve got some beets to cook for a treat tomorrow!  Yay!

I am wearing.. the same thing I’ve had on for the last few days.  Loose clothes that feel a lot like pajamas.

I am reading...  Eat Pray Love (now there is nothing original about me) and Little Bee

I am hoping...that I haven’t lost my social skills while being closed in for so long!

I am hearing...our a/c running with only a rare cut off time, and and so aware of grateful I am for it.

Around the house...there are tumbleweeds of dog hair and little stacks of various stages of laundry and probably sticky counters and for now I’m living in peace with that.

One of my favorite the sound of a nice rolling thunderstorm in the distance.  I enjoyed sitting on my porch in the dark watching fireflies and hearing distant thunder even as the branches of my tree were tossing pretty wildly as the thunder headed in my direction.

A few plans for the rest of the week…I have only one plan- to see the dr on Thursday.  After that, I’ll be looking forward to making some plans!

Here’s a picture for thought I am sharing-

06.24 PM

Today I have joined with other women who are choosing to linger on the simple things on Tuesdays through The Simple Woman’s Daybook

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Allison said...

i hope you have a speedy recovery! it sounds like you are being well taken care of.