Monday, June 21, 2010

Ah, Summer…..

This is old, and very poor quality, but it just seemed wrong to have anyone but Guy Clark singing his song.  I wanted this song at my wedding, but DH wouldn’t go for it. 

Seemed the perfect song tonight as I just made my second batch of pesto for the summer and had a little on a homegrown Henry County tomato.  I’ve also got a nice pot of roma beans cooking and just cooked a nice pot of beets that I don’t have to share with anyone else in this house since they do not appreciate the delicious humble beet as I do.


Allison said...

i love it! and i love tomatoes, too. for that reason i'm glad summer is here (but the excessively hot weather can go away!).

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that is our family's theme song! Judy B.

Lindalou said...

This is very funny. Got to agree with him though.

I just made my first batch of pesto. I let some chicken marinate in it for a couple days. Very yummy.

I love beets as well. Seems to be one of the ignored veggies.