Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

nutella swirly goodness.

So, my friend Suzanne was in Rome this week and in her blog entry made mention of having had Nutella Pie for dinner……and it really didn’t matter what else she said. Off I went on a search for a recipe. Who knew there is a World Nutella Day? I’m writing it in my calendar. February 5- see you there!

I sooooooo want a set of red shutters like these for my Christmas cards! I miss my “junking” days.

There are some fine looking cookie recipes in this Virtual Cookie Exchange.

My good friend Donna has introduced her 7 year old grandson to the world of blogging, and what a lovely perspective he brings! Check him out at Diary of a Coo Coo Kid. Be sure to leave a comment and tell him where you’re from.

The wonderful folks at Kind Over Matter have some nice printables. Check out their Thanksgiving fortune cookies while you’re there.

The one and only redeeming thing about my recent stay at the Dreamland Motel was that they had cable tv so I got to watch all of those fun shows on HGTV. I particularly like the one where they go and look at several houses and then make a choice. So, have a look here- which would you choose?

I always think of this Michael Feldman piece at Thanksgiving time.

If there is a lull in the conversation at your place tomorrow, maybe you would want to pull out this Thanksgiving Trivia game.


donna said...

This is my first time reading Michael Feldman's prayer of Thanksgiving.

If I print out these Thanksgiving Trivia questions, what are the chances I'll be able to find them for next year? We enjoy this kind of thing at holiday gatherings.

I choose house #1 because I'm a sucker for the old Craftsman houses.

Yes, yes....I agree with you about the red shutters.

World Nutella Day...I've not ever had even one bite of Nutella. Am I missing something?

Ate myself silly yesterday, so I'm not even going to look at the Virtual Cookie Exchange.

How very sweet of you to mention Phillip's blog. He'll be here tomorrow to read his comments and take new photos and write a few words.

Anonymous said...

I choose house #1. It looks so quaint and Craftsman-like. Also, the landscaping calls to me. Carrie

Sue said...

House #1 is my choice too although the guest suite (mom's getaway) in number 2 appeals to me.

donna said...

Sue, not sure what made me come back to this post and look at the comments, but yesterday I left a rather long comment here and I don't see it. Now I'm wondering where the heck I actually left it.