Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cover your right eye…..


Oh, can’t we have some fun with this little custom eye chart maker!

This would POSSIBLY make me consider taking up coffee….

I run with a tough crowd.  There are a group of us who get together as often as we can make it happen and we call ourselves the Mean Moms.  I’m seeing some potential to do something fun for one of our rumbles with some of this.

Ohhhhhhh I love these journals!!

And I’ll leave you with two great reads- The first is a sweet word from our student intern at church…..

and the second is a wonderful essay written by my friend Suzanne about her dad who was every bit the great man that she says he was.


donna said...

Such good, good people at your church. Richard will be on my mind now.

donna said...

Where are you? I'm missing your posts.