Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

Not sure why, but you’ve probably noticed that these beds built into the wall really call to me.  Hey…..I had a bed built into the wall as a teen.  Wonder if it’s some nostalgia thing? Anyway, cool farmhouse here.

I go back and forth between knitting and crocheting, and mostly it’s all about something to do with my hands and not about a finished product.  Come to think about it, what have I ever finished?  Well, if I DID finish something, there are a couple of things I would like that to be…….a rainbow scarf looks easy enough.  And then there’s this little cutie……

If you’re not counting Weight Watchers points and if you aren’t afraid of a little     butter, you might want to give these rolls  and this bread a try.

Try serving these cupcakes in the same meal…….

Continuing in the fattening food category, here’s a lovely substitute…..

And since it’s been at least a couple of weeks since I referenced this site, and since it made me laugh out loud……

This gave me a good chuckle too……

So,  I’d love to get together with a group of friends to make some of these.

I think I would like an adult sized  one of these  to go into to read a book .

And finally, how cute is Shelby in her Halloween costume?


Roger said...

When you are ready to go for the coasters, remember Christy has a kazillion ink pads and stamps from her Stampin' Up days.

Looks like fun!

donna said...

Luv the bed in the wall, but not sure I could sleep with all those mirrors hanging overhead. Now I'm off to checkout the fattening food category.

ArtCricket2 said...

I mailed the fake cake postcard to my sister for her 60th birthday. Perfect! cute and no calories.
I get the best ideas from your web surfing! Thanks.