Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday 5

Saw this over at Eternal Echoes and thought it might be good for some fun and a little bit on the Sabbath theme. Tell me how you would spend:

1. A fifteen minute break: Close the door, turn on some good music, and "walk" the finger labyrinth.

2. An afternoon off: Lunch with a friend, a nap, and to be home when the girls come through the door.

3. An unexpected free day: I'd meet my sister, my mother, and my aunt at the Antique Mall and for lunch at the Colonade.

4. A week's vacation: In a dream world? I'm seeing my whole family somewhere where there is a body of water and a cabin or a house. The kids and Shawn having a blast doing outdoors stuff, me in the house cooking and doing art and listening to music then joining them when I want to. A place to sit outside at night with a fire. Playing games before bedtime.

5. A Sabbatical: A week at one of the hermitage cottages at Sisters of Loretto, taking my meals with the sweet little nuns who look and sound like little birds at mealtime, with silence the rest of the time.

Tell me what you would do!

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ArtCricket said...

1. 15 minute break: Coffee and the internet
2. Afternoon off: Lunch with mom, nap and art time
3. An unexpected free day: Breakfast at Sweet and Savory,art or scrapbooking all day with a break for tea in the afternoon and a nap. ( Can you tell I love a nap and hardly ever take one anymore!)
4. A week's vacation: a trip to a beach with Jim, for sunning, reading, listening to the surf, napping (do you think I sleep all the time?), good food. This is my restful vacation. If I'm already rested, I want to go to somewhere foreign I haven't been and squeeze as much sight-seeing into it as possible.
5. A sabbatical: 6 month one, two weeks at the beach alone for spiritual growth and reflection and direction, then exploration of future work and life goals. Some art, for certain.