Friday, February 6, 2009

Love Pug

This sweet boy is Herbie. Well, he's not a boy- he's an old man. And he gets really annoyed when we say he's sweet. My kids gave Herbie the Love Pug to me for Mother's Day about 5 years ago. He's at least 17 years old now, hasn't had the use of his back legs in 4 years, and lately has become so hard of hearing that we have to be careful to let him know we are in a room so we don't scare him.
Now that we've had Herb, I can't imagine us ever NOT having a pug. Such comedians, these puggies. There's something very endearing about sleeping with a loudly snoring pug! I've found no shortage of pug fans on the internet. The AOL Pug Board group is a group of just about the finest folks I have ever been a part of, and they are fiercely loyal to their pugs and the others who love them. We collect money for pugs that need surgery, we do card showers for folks going through a hard time. I have it written in my funeral arrangements to be sure to let the Pug Board know that I have passed.
So Herbie has not expressed an interest in his own blog, but we are duly impressed with those pugs who DO have blogs.
Pugs like Shelby (and we like her new brother Vin too!)
I've been loving Henry, Benjamin, and Luna for a long time now, and now they have added sweet Sol.
My newest interest is Mason.
Pugs really are little good will ambassadors!

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ArtCricket said...

The only dog my mother, who is a slave to cat, IO, ever expressed an interest in sharing her life with is a pug!
Only got to one site, Mason's, which is a hoot! Mason is my grandmother's maiden name.