Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fresh Stop Week Eight


On Wednesdays, my office mate Jacquelyn and I speculate and hope all day as we prepare to go pick up our produce.  A few weeks ago, DH went with me to pick up and last week he had to go for me.  Now he is hooked, enjoying the fun of seeing what we get!   Pictured above is what we got today, and boy did we feel like the richest people in Louisville as we pulled away.  In addition to what you see, we also bought more melons and tomatoes off of the market table.  So, what we have here are tomatoes (yellow and red), green peppers, apples, cantaloupe, zucchini, peaches, carrots, cucumbers, and watermelon.  I’m thinking of trying my hand at refrigerator pickles, and will definitely freeze some more tomatoes. 


Beth Akins said...

Yum! what do you do to your tomatoes to freeze?e

Sue said...

I par boil them until I see the skins start to split, drop them in ice water, slip the skinds off and can freeze whole or dice them up. I also roasted some pans of them and froze those.

Beth Akins said...

I'm going to try! I canned them a lifetime ago. I'm more likely to do this :) thanks!
I'm posting the tomato peach salad on artcricket2- it was really good!