Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Link Love


Dear Alicia- There are many things I envy about the beautiful home you have created…..but this lovely yard tops the list.

I think Maize is so so clever!

Love this little happy bird!

I’m about the last person who would ever go camping, but I am still always fascinated by tents.  And this is a cool one.

Love looking at these agemaps.

DH has wanted a scooter for ages.  At this point, maybe he should look into one of these.  Maybe we could both get one and be in a scooter gang.

I love these, and the artwork is about my level.


Beth Akins said...

Maize is ever so clever! I may have to steal this idea! The age maps are too creepy for me.Love the tent- maybe A and R will invest in this sometime. They are my campers.
Love the thought of you and DH on that scooter.

donna said...

I have a couple friends at the nursing home with mobility scooters. Bet they'd both love this model.