Friday, April 13, 2012

Survival of the Fittest…..

I’m not even sure how it is that I stumbled upon the pocket survival kit contest, but once I saw it I’ve spent more time that I want to admit thinking of what I would put in mine.  I’m quite fascinated at all that the folks who have entered thought to include.  I think I would fill mine with pharmaceuticals- allergy pills, my diabetes meds, pain pills, phenergan, lomotil…….if only a can of Dr. K would fit in.   What would you include?  Since seeing these, I think I must have a swiss army lite

And then somehow I found my way to 22 Manly Ways to Re-use an Altiod Tin.  Wow!

Any other great ideas for a tin?!

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donna said...

I have an Altoids Smalls almost empty tin in my purse. Now you have me thinking about future uses for the empty tin. Wish I could by Altoids in bulk and just refill it.