Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tried and True

Butter Chicken! And made in the crock pot!!  Head over to Meal Planner 101 and read the comments left by folks who have made it.  All true, and add mine- as good as anything we would get in a restaurant.  And did I mention it is made in the crock pot?!

Made these beans, and boy were they great!  Hard to believe it, but it’s the pepper that makes them!  Gradually, I’m learning to make the things I thought HAD to have pork in them without meat.  I did the stovetop version.


This is a favorite around here.  It sure does leave a mess to clean up in my cast iron skillet though!  Worth the clean-up work, especially since DH does the cast iron.

Why not make some Mexican chocolate to go with it?! I didn’t use the pumpkin seeds in mine, and it was great!

You know how when someone says that something is “the best”, you set your expectations way high?  This indeed IS the best frosting.  Well, not if you were wanting Nutella buttercream.  But for a good light all purpose frosting, this will become my go-to.

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