Monday, April 2, 2012

A love note to me!

Yesterday, as I was driving down Bardstown Road I noticed a small banner strung between a couple of sticks that said, “You are my beloved”.  It couldn’t have been more for me  if it had my name at the end.  I know it was a message for ME.  I came back by later in the day to make sure I didn’t dream it up, and there it was- an unassuming little sign staked into the yard of the Lutheran church. 

You know how every now and then you will see a proposal sign- LINDA, WILL YOU MARRY ME? and I always wonder if every Linda who drives past’s heart leaps into her throat! 

Well, this sign was for me.  And for every other person who saw it and needed it.  Makes me want to put up Beloved signs all over town!  Who doesn’t want to be dearly loved by the God who sustains us, by the people who matter? 

My whole day was better yesterday, and on into today, as I thought of that tender reminder!

1 comment:

Beth Akins said...

Sweet! Love the photo, too.
Yes, beloved of God and many more, too!