Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

VW Camper Van Tent

I could seriously take up camping if I had one of these. And a private bath with a tub.

How loved would you feel if 25 of your friends did this for you on your birthday?!!!

I’ve never had a hummingbird feeder. But when two of my favorite colors meet up, I could be tempted! Love this!

Joel has a new baby, just this week! And he made her some tiny socks out of his old ones. Looks so easy that I could maybe do it! While you’re over at his site, check out his paper towns. Very cool.

I love it when one of my favorite bloggers shows up on another favorite blog. And how sweet sweet sweet is this little bib?

I love these garlands. They are so beautiful. The Purple Pug shows us how to make something one.

Ummmm. This looks like something my Aunt Elaine might make!

So, what happens when your video goes viral?!

Check out the video of Elsie’s wedding. Of special interest is the smallest member of the wedding party who shoes up at the one minute mark.


donna said...

If your Aunt Elaine is cooking/baking, then I'm there to test the samples.

That hummingbird feeder is a "honey", but I wouldn't want to clean it on a regular basis. I have a cheap plastic feeder that's on the window and the hummers luv it and I luv the hummers.

Luv you, too. donna

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Once you have hummingbirds, you'll always have a feeder. They came to my house next year and I can't wait for this season.
I agree with Donna, it doesn't take fancy for hummers.
Love, love the wedding video.