Monday, June 13, 2011

A Thank-You Note to Adam and Sophia

I had a sweet picture to put here, but alas my computer’s hard drive has crashed and if I still have my pictures, I can’t get to them. 

Dear Adam and Sophia-

This is a note of thanks for the fun and joy you have brought to my week.  I heard Adam’s news on the down low just as we were stepping into the communion circle last Sunday. I got all flushed and smiley and could hardly look at your sweet family all intertwined across the circle.  The excitement mounted when Cindy sent out an email to the whole church saying you wanted us all to be a part and it’s all we talked about all week.  It gave my week such a jolt of energy and excitement!  

When I arrived at the Urban Goatwalker Coffeehouse, the room was just buzzing with love and anticipation! There were sweet faces around that room that never come to Goatwalker.  I had to run to pick up my youngest and we drove like a bat out of hell on an empty tank of gas to get back for fear we would miss it!  But alas, it was unnecessary because there was no Adam and Sophia.  Can I say we were getting a bit anxious?  Adam texted that he was really having to work to make this happen.  For some reason, Sophia wasn’t feeling the Goatwalker. At our table we shared the stories from when we got engaged to pass the time which was very sweet.

But you got there.  We sighed with relief and tried not to turn to keep looking at you!  Anne and I went ahead and started crying then. Thankfully, you didn’t make us wait long.  Adam took the stage as soon as the act you had been watching ended.  Adam, when you said to settle in because you had three pages……I was even more thrilled.  I love your writing so  much. I.Loved.Every.Word.  And Sophia, you were so “present”- looking him straight in the eye as he spoke love and love and love to you.  If your mind (as mine would have been) was racing ahead and you thinking,”Oh my gosh.  Is this what I think it is?”, it sure did not show. And you let him work his way through all three pages.  Girl, when he said, “Come with me Sophia”, I would have jumped up off that stool and screamed yes yes yes but you just stayed right there with him.   Hey, did you guys know there were a hundred people there? Because it totally seemed like maybe you forgot that.  Adam, you said every word you wanted to say and in your good time.  Anne and I were not the only ones in the room crying now.  You would have been hard pressed to find anyone who wasn’t crying at that point!  And thank you Sophia for finally saying yes.  But not before a kiss.  Swoons, sighs, and tears times ten. Then a standing ovation and a line to hug and see the ring.  And even sweeter that you stayed for the rest of the Goatwalker! 

Thank you thank you thank you for letting us be a part of this!  What a gift you gave us!  It was the most romantic thing this old woman has seen in a very long time and it will continue to make me smile for as long as I can remember it.  (insert wisecracks about my failing memory here)  It was big and generous and delightful, and a gift to us all.

May you have years and years of love and happiness!

Love, Miss Sue


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!

donna said...

And now you've made me smile by posting this. is wonderful.


Miss you. Don't know when I'll get back to blogging...not enough hours in the day right now.