Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Turn the Page Tuesday

Thanks to my friend Shanda, I’m enjoying Bossypants.  (Like everyone else in America, I think.)  It’s very funny.  Every word of it really.  My favorite so far?  The story of the fire on the cruise ship while she and her husband were on their honeymoon.   They were given the all-clear just as they were stepping into lifeboats, but then had to wait on the deck for a very long time while the entire ship was checked cabin by cabin.  She says:

Some crew members come around with coolers of cold drinks.  A nearby woman takes a soda and hands it back, saying, “Do you have diet?”  If God had  a sense of humor, the ship would have exploded right then.

And in talking about a summer theatre group she worked with, she says:

No one ever turned gay by being at Summer Showtime, because that’s not possible.  If you cold turn gay from being around gay people, wouldn’t Kathy Griffen be Rosie O’Donnell by now?  The straight boys quickly learned to be accepting and easygoing, and the straight girls learned over the course of several years to stop falling in love with gay boys.

It’s a fun read!

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TimidChanteuse said...

I was thinking about reading that myself...sounds good.