Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

If you are paying closer attention than I am, you probably noticed that I posted Music Monday…..on Tuesday.  And when today rolled around and was Wednesday, I was shocked!  I’m out of whack because of a very very fun trip I made Monday and Tuesday with 3 of my favorite women in the world- my sister, mother, and aunt.  And we went to visit my very amazing and talented cousin Julie in Nashville.

Julie has recently begun her own business making cake pops and is enjoying great success.  And there’s no wonder why-

They are just adorable!  And they make a really tasty treat.

Check out her web page here!

There are so many clever ideas here for a wedding, or even for just a party, and all rolled together made for the sweetest of weddings!  And look at this dreamy wedding! Be sure to watch the video.

Totally loving these jars!!

Another great video made by my friend Dan.  This one made me fall in love with my friends and church and Wendell Berry and even my daughters all over again. 


Jay Voorhees said...

Call next time!!!

donna said...

I just knew there would be a blog post about the cake pops.

Even I should be able to handle a mason jar and a can of spray paint. Now....I need to find a place where I can "steal" some daisies.

Enjoyed Dan's video.