Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Turn the page Tuesday

First of all, if you check the time on this post (as my mother often does!) you will see that it’s actually past Tuesday.  It was Tuesday when I went to bed…..and when DH’s alarm that he forgot to reset went off.  It’s a siren.  The dogs and I are all now wide awake.  So, it’s still Tuesday to me, with the hope of still getting some sleep before Wednesday.

And on to the subject at hand.  I first heard of “One Small Step….” on a professional teleconference about quality in the workplace and the presenter said just enough and praised it just enough to perk my interest.   It’s a very simple concept- that moving a tiny bit is indeed moving, and then explains why that works.  And it has really helped me make some progress on some things I had lost all hope in moving forward on.  Small book, simple concept, and good medicine for me. 

Now I’m off to try the whole sleep thing again. 

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