Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

I love these pictures of colorful pockets of the world.

Check out the cool party at Outside the Box Studio!

And speaking of parties, I can’t stop thinking of a way to have a cool party like this one.   For more party fun, check out Bird’s Party Magazine. And lovin’ the “sponge ball thingies” and the whole water party theme. 

A favorite local meteorologist retired, but has started a great weather blog. Check out his tip on how to tell the weather by tulips.

My wooden spoons rank right up there with my cast iron skillet of items I can’t live without in my kitchen.  Now that I’ve seen this, I think maybe it’s time to make a little spoon oil and show my spoons some love.

Now, here’s a cake decoration to make me smile!

OH, Sara! Please come paint my windows!

Aren’t these Happy Tees A-dorable?

Cupcakes in a jar!! What a great idea! And Cakespy is giving 4 away right here

What could possibly NOT be good about chocolate butter?

Well, I’m sure my friend Beth could pull this off with her hands behind her back, but I keep looking at it to try to decide if I could stare at it and try to copy it.  So cute!

Definitely hanging on to these for my next photo booth-y type thing.  Maybe I’ll use them at my cereal party!



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Allison said...

you always find such good links! those colorful places make me want to travel.