Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

Sweet Heart Crochet Garland

These sweet hearts and this lovely grouping make me want to hunt up my hook and some yarn!

I love the Plush Birdies with legs too!  Think I’m craving spring?

And then there are these gorgeous photos.  Hmmmmmm……also spring colors.

Quite honestly, COULD a working laundry room ever look like this?

Here’s a fun idea to keep a little one busy!

I’m swooning over this room.  For some reason tonight several of the pictures are not up on the post, but if you click where they should be they come up on her Flcker stream.

Who will step out and give this recipe a try for me?  When I was in my first apartment, a recipe called for oil and having nothing else, I used olive oil.  I think with a cake mix.  It did not go well.  But this sounds quite good.

Ever since my friend sent me in the direction of their blog, this sweet family has been on my heart, and I am praying that they get to bring Kirill home soon.  Will you pray that too?

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donna said...

Praying about Krill and the people in the USA that want to be his family. In their hearts, they already are his family.

Oh, boy! You should see our laundry room. It's a catch all and I mostly keep the door closed. Don't want to scare anyone visiting us. But I do have a huge crystal chandelier handing in there....kidding, kidding.