Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

Well, you can guess where this is headed! Really cool tiny houses AGAIN! First one I’ve found with a dishwasher AND a full size stove. Sold! And each of my kids can have one for visits and the last one can be for a friend I look after. Seriously, these are great little houses with a lot packed into their 500 sq feet.

Loving these bracelets! Am I too old? Tell the truth. Would my kids roll their eyes? I just really like them a lot. (The bracelets, that is. I LOVE my kids.)

These are pretty and look pretty easy!

A beautiful and poignant read.

Oh! Nella turned one, and what a great party she had!

Once again, I bring you food on a stick. Just drawn to it!

Oh, how very fun it would be to make these for a gathering!

This is a fun idea. More fun I guess if you are having a baby.

Warning on this one: you could waste spend a whole lot of time here dreaming up fun vacations with really cool lodging!


donna said...

You'll always be young at heart, so I say go ahead and make the bracelet and wear it proudly.

Carmel Marhmallow Pops...putting it on my list of things to do with P this weekend. Without the pecans though.


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I really like the bracelets. Don't be overly concerned about the kids reaction, I find many of the things they rolled their eyes about either became fond remembrances or they eventually appreciated.
I'm making things to trade at artfest. I think I'll make some of these, too! Thanks for another wonderful wednesday of blog fun.
Hope to see you soon!