Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Power to the Grand Mothers, and may I be one

Calling All Grand Mothers

We have to live

or we
will die
in the same

old ways.

I call on all Grand Mothers
on the planet
to rise
and take your place
in the leadership
of the world

Come out
of the kitchen
out of the
out of the
beauty parlors
out of the

Step forward
& assume
the role
for which
you were
To lead humanity
to health, happiness
& sanity.

I call on
all the
Grand Mothers
of Earth
& every person
who possesses
the Grand Mother
of respect for
protection of
the young
to rise
& lead.
The life of
our species
on it.

& I call on all men
of Earth
to gracefully

stand aside
& let them
(let us)
do so.

From the book Hard Times Require Furious Dancing. Copyright 2010 by Alice Walker

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donna said...

Okay....I'm need to get back into my routine of reading your blog first thing in the AM while enjoying my first cup of coffee. I'm am missing waaaayyyy too many good posts. Starting tomorrow morning I'll be here. You know I love this post.

Wait....we're going to a party tonight so depending on how long we're out, I may have to start on Monday morning. lol And...I need to pay some attention to Mamma Mia Days.

Hugs, donna