Saturday, January 8, 2011



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One week into this new year, and here is my word for 2011 popping right up- Smaller.  Today, I’m thinking about all that has happened since I began this blog two years ago today.  It actually started before the blog, but grew dramatically with my discovery of and love for blogs.  Before I blogged or had facebook, I was a member of some “boards” on AOL.  I made friends on the AOL Pug Board that I think will be friends for life.   Early on I remember when one of the regular posters on the board mentioned not feeling well, and then when they sort of disappeared from the board, folks all offered up what tidbits they had picked up about her and it was enough to figure out where she lived and someone scoped out a phone number so that we could check on her.   We have loved each other through losses of our doggies and our spouses and even one very beloved member of the group.  When my Herbie died this fall, those folks lit candles and held us in their hearts, and even pitched in to send us a beautiful candle to remember him by.  Several years ago when I wrote out funeral instructions, I put on the list of things that needed to be done to please let the folks on the pug board know.  The world grew smaller and dearer when I became involved with these friends.

Then I discovered blogs, and I became “friends” with so many bright and interesting women.  If you get around much in the blog world, there are certain women that pretty much everyone knows and loves.  I, like so many, was heartsick and prayed and participated in craft actions when precious Stephanie and her husband were in a horrible plane crash, and have followed closely as she has walked her long and hard road to recovery.  Her world became a part of mine.

When little Sol crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I felt like I had lost a friend.  

When Kelle poured out her heart in Nella’s birth story, we became friends, and I am in love with that beautiful little girl and her delightful mom and family. My world got smaller as I drew them into my heart.

Then there is Allison- as beautiful and talented and young as I would love to be, and right here in my own hometown.  We shop at the same farmer’s market, like a lot of the same things, both have a keen eye for beauty, and we would have never met had it not been for the blog world.

Dear friends in real life- Beth, Donna, and Suzanne who share their glimpses of their daily lives.

And tonight I’m especially thinking of Edie.  I’m not sure how long we’ve been “friends” but long enough to watch her kids grow up a good bit, watch her house be transformed over and over, find  great spiritual kinship with her,  and to start to feel like family with her.  I have come to hold her in even higher esteem and love in these last couple of weeks following the tragic loss of her home and everything she owned in a house fire.  Her blog is called Life in Grace, and she indeed has walked with grace, quite literally through the fire.   I made a promise to pray for her daily each day during January, and have taken that promise seriously.  And I am happy to celebrate her- her beauty and spirit and her talent- as she celebrates her birthday.    The blogging world has stretched out its arms to surround her in love.  The world just got smaller, more tender.  Happy Birthday, my beautiful mentor and friend.

The blogging world is yet another way I am embracing my desire- smaller.  Big as this world seems, we are all so much alike, our worlds really do overlap. 

So, happy birthday sweet Edie!  And happy blogoversary to me, one grateful girl for this surprise community.


donna said...

You'll always be my favorite blogger for more reasons that I could ever list here.

This afternoon, I read the book Seedfolks. Do you know it? About a garbage-filled urban vacant lot transformed into a community garden. Every word of it made me think of you and how you give of your time and talent in bringing people together.

Happy blogoversary and keep up the good work.


Allison said...

thanks for including me here, sue. i'm so glad to have found you and your blog. you are cultivating such a great online community!

i think i saw you (maybe?) near u of l today. it's funny how our paths keep crossing.

have a good weekend.