Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

a string of positivity no. 8

I think I need a String of Positivity in my office for the new year!

I’ve mentioned before- getting to sleep is often a battle for me, and I have to use little “visualizations” at times to get there. One of my favorites is to imagine myself being pulled along in a horse drawn sled in the dark. So, you can imagine that this destination sounds like a fun night.

Several of her top ten have made it into the rotation in our meal plan. Those brown butter and sea salt rice krispy treats are amazing!

I admit it. I’m a TED Head. Never heard one I didn’t learn something from! So, other TED heads will love this. Good to keep handy. Maybe someday I’ll give a TED talk!

Lucky Sara’s mom!

I find seeing other folks Before and After pictures inspiring. Not inspiring enough so far to do anything, but still very inspiring.

This blog never fails to make me laugh out loud. Peruse some of their entries on a gray day!

Cute idea!

I love these women, and they make me feel brave enough to try all kinds of things. This is simple, and really really good!

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