Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

Head right over to Siggy Spice to check out this fun idea!

A lot of work, but with a cool result!

Love the banner idea, not so sure on those giant flowers…….

I LOVED mail as a kid.  Well, I still do! This looks like such a fun treat for some special little somebody.

Yep.  I’m copying this one.  On the lookout for some big trays before winter weather sets in.  If it ever sets in.

And when that weather sets in, I will bake with no concern about heating the kitchen up.

Little holiday edition of Cake Wrecks.

A beautiful blog, and I would love to have a stash of her Single Woman’s Refrigerator Sauce in my own freezer!

A truly beautiful post, and a reminder of the sweetest of times.

Oh, I’m loving these!  Not sure I would wear one, but I love the way they look!!!

And finally, more things for you pray your children never experiment with….

1 comment:

donna said...

I am so going to subscribe to Little Passports, as soon as I unsubscribe from Moshi Monsters and Herotopia.

The pebble boot tray sounds practical and is nice to look at.

I couldn't watch all of that video...too many possible things to worry about. lol