Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

Check out Puppy Love Preschool for some fun ideas for photos.  Tonight’s moon would work quite well for all of these!

Oh, I love these fabrics!  Especially the viewfinders!

What good and fun advice for someone planning a wedding.

These make me want to hunt up my needles and some yarn!

OH, this is like a feast! Enjoy every color!

I wish I had read this when my kids were young.  Could have saved us some tears, as well as visits to the dentist!

Having never really had any smashing success with regular rice krispy treats, I don’t know why I think I would do any better with these, but don’t they sound divine?!

Just discovered Seven Spoons and the posts are as delicious as the recipes that follow them.

A happy fall treat.


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Wow so much to like in here! The fabric is wonderful! I am approaching E's mom about the pumpkin fairy idea- he has a mouthful of dental issues (he inherited his paternal families dental problems). Absolutely loved Donna's post, and want to get my knitting needles out too! Lets get together soon.

donna said...

I just kept staring and staring at the Puppy Love Preschool photos. Thanks for sharing the whimsy.

The pumpkin fairy...what a great idea. I'll be sure to share the idea with mothers of young children.

I haven't made rice krispy treats since we lived at the lake. Seems like one should have a house full of kids around when making them.

Awww! You can't know how surprised I was when I clicked on fall treat. Even brought Phil into the office to take a look at how thoughtful you are. It also reminds me that I need to do a better job of sharing blogs. So many talented and wonderful people out there.

Warm hugs, donna

PuppyLovePrincess said...

thanks for mentioning my moon photos post :) love your blog!