Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

I’m in love with beeswax! Like these beautiful leaves,

and these, and these !

I’ve linked to a lot of funny things on Cake Wrecks, but this is my first time to link to one of their posts of truly gorgeous cakes.

Hey, I could do one of these. I probably have a key from every dwelling on my ring still. Guess I could also frame up one for every car I’ve had and one for every job I’ve had!

Aren’t these bowls beautiful?!!

Having been a Bakerella fan for a very long time, I am thrilled to see how popular her new book is!

A good read about telling our secrets.


donna said...

Telling secrets.....that was quite a read. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure I'll be thinking about it during the day.

I thought for sure the framed keys would all be old skeleton keys, but I was surprised. The simplicity of it all was very appealing to me.


Wabi-Sabi Wanderings said...

I'm utterly charmed by beeswax as well. There is so much crafty goodness in it! Thanks for the mention.


Stephanie said...

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the mention of our blog. I love the bowls, too. :)

Very kind of you!