Friday, October 29, 2010


There was a lot of excitement in Louisville today as the big “reveal” happened and a local family became the recipients of an Extreme Home Makeover.Pretty exciting!

On the other side of town, another makeover was quietly taking place.   Two weeks ago, this was just an unused garage on the grounds of the group home my DH works at.


But with the addition of a window and some new doors,  gallons of fresh paint, and some helpful volunteer hands

004_au  005_au

this garage is now a pottery studio.  And I mean a really really nice pottery studio. 


015_au 012_au


DH is a potter, so he has been beside himself with happiness as this project has developed.  Now he can’t wait to get those boys in there and start teaching! 

I’m wondering if I will ever see him now!


Allison said...

how wonderful! the studio looks great.

donna said...

Now this is the kind of makeover I like to see. Amazing. I'm thrilled for Shawn and the boys.

A family in Neenah, WI (where I grew up) was the recipient of an Extreme Home Makeover during the summer. A couple weeks ago it was on TV. It was so over the top that it sort of sickened me and made me wonder how the family that could only afford a 900 sq foot home would now be able to financially maintain this new home. I hope it works out because by all accounts they are a wonderful, deserving family.


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I agree with Donna- i am thrilled for Shawn and for the guys who will benefit from this wonderful, creative time. Can't wait to see some of the creations that come out of that space!