Saturday, December 15, 2012

June Apples

Rather than calling the roll all of the time, I tell my DH and kids that I am having dinner with the Mean Moms, or lunch with the 4 Season Friends, or am headed to dinner with the Weenie Moms.  Pretty much, those key words spoken, they know exactly who I am with. There some friends who are in more than one group. And some friends are not really in one of my “groups” (or “gangs” in the case of the Mean Moms.

Tonight I had dinner with my Apples in June friends.  I’ve linked to this video in the past. The first time I heard Carla Gover sing it I cried all the way through.  I’m older now, and my gatherings have become less hurried, the kids are older, we find more time to talk about who we are and how we are making it. Especially with the Apples In June friends, we cut to the chase and dispense with the small talk.  And sometimes, just their company and the chance to lay down my load does indeed make me feel “magical, wild, and free”. More often than not, I just feel rich and fortified.


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Beth Akins said...

Sweet. I don't find myself to be much of a jealous person but I must admit to a touch of envy of your various gangs! They enrich one's life.