Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

Isn’t this fun! Imagine just happening upon this event!

When my girls were little they went to spend a week with their Aunt Rosenna and came home raving about the snack she made them.  I checked with her to see what it was, and she confessed to not having much in the way of sweets in the house so she whipped up some frosting and used it on graham crackers.  I bet they tasted as good to the girls as these look to me!

I went to a presentation recently on doing this as well as some other creative stuff with boarded up properties.  A house across the street from me has been boarded up since January- wish some guerilla artist would surprise us with something like this!

Isn’t this fun?!  I think I could actually make this!

I don’t know which of these I love most, because I adore them all. 

Good article for all of us moms who never seem to be in the family pictures.

My friend Beth is having a fun giveaway.  Stop by before Saturday morning and leave her some love.  You will love her farmer’s market updates and her art.


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Let's paint that board on the house for sale!
I could make that barrel of m&ms cake. That sounds like a dessert for when Amy comes in two weeks. Hummm another party perhaps!

donna said...

I know which one I love the most.....Don't Put Off Your Happy Life. I've already copied and pasted it and will look at it often and share with others.

Here I thought everyone made frosted graham crackers...just never thought to color the frosting. Frost grahams are right up there with butter/sugar bread.