Friday, July 1, 2011

Link Love….on Thursday/Friday

Better late than never, I hope. I’ve had some computer issues I’ve been working my way through…

I’m seeing some glow cones in my future.

Perhaps my adult friends would prefer some of these, or how about some chocolate hummus?

Fun idea for some of those old cd cases you have hanging around.

Not sure why bracelets always catch my eye- I don’t even wear them. Maybe I want to…. Here are some cool ones to start with- these, and I think I like these because they remind me of camp days.

Love these ballerina paper dolls!

Two things I could and should make because I like them both so much! This mail sorter and these solar lights

Some beautiful tattoos. I especially love the calligraphy.!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I've got my glow cups ready for a few friends Thursday night. I'll try it out tonight!
Not sure about the chocolate hummus?
But, I bookmarked a lot of these links!