Sunday, December 12, 2010

One Lucky Mom

I have sort of a reputation among my friends and family members.  I am a little on the emotional side.  And whether happy or sad, I’m crying.  And during the Christmas season, I find everything touching.  So, I cry a lot.  One year it was just the sight of the way a woman in my parking lot was carrying her casserole in for the office party, so earnest and happy.  And don’t even play that  Christmas Shoes song- gets me every time.

One day, a number of years ago, I was in the line at Target to check out.  In front of me were two little boys.  The oldest looked to be about ten and the other about four.  The oldest had the biggest toaster oven box ever in his cart.  He kept patting the box and looking proudly at it.  He says to his little brother, "Now, don’t worry about paying on this.  I’ve got it." Then, he pats it admiringly again.  "She SURE is going to be happy when she sees THIS."   That toaster oven just seemed to be begging for compliments so I said to the boy, "That’s a really nice one you’ve got there."   "Thanks!  It’s for my mom.  She’s been wanting it since last year.  She’s NEVER going to believe I got it for her." And he pats it again.  Even typing it has me welling up.  "Well,"…..(and the blubbering began) I think she is one mighty lucky mom to have such thoughtful sons.  She is going to be so so happy."  And the poor boys look a little scared!  I mean, I was crying!  And I didn’t stop.  I say, all chin quivery with tears pouring down my cheeks to the cashier, "These boys have the luckiest mom ever.  Look at this great toaster oven they are getting her!"  And she was about as touched as I was once she saw how proud the boys were.  They paid, all small bills and change, and start to grab the bag but the cashier says, "Is your mom outside waiting?" And they said she was, so she and I busied ourselves with triple bagging it in hopes of disguising it.  And we both told them again how lucky their mom was.  And she had a tear sliding down her cheek too by that time.  And off went two happy, but somewhat bewildered boys.  And a mighty lucky mom was waiting to take them and their precious cargo home.

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Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Well,make me cry, too! How sweet is that story?! Thanks for sharing it