Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Link Love


This is such an amazing idea!  Keep an eye out for their next project if you are a crafter!

Here’s a cool art project.  Wish it were here!

To the embarrassment of my children, I am quite the small talker with strangers.  This is a great article that affirms my gift of gab.

Lovin this candy corn bunting!

Got the jars, got the tissue paper, can’t find the mod podge……

And ANOTHER thing I could do with those tiny jars, and aren’t they just the cutest?!

Try NOT to smile, just try, when you watch this……

I love crowns, and these in particular strike my fancy

These candies have been popping up on several of the sites I frequent and I love them!  I have heard that it takes a bit of practice to get them shiny and smooth, but aren’t they adorable?!!

Oh, I’d love a big bowl of felted acorns!  Or a small bowl.  Or a couple…..

Hard though it may be to believe, I actually have a home management notebook.  I put it together in…….like 1999.  Not a current bit of info in that thing!  But it’s still such a good idea.  At the time I had it, I had young kids and if anything had happened to me, all the info about everything was in one spot.  It’s still there actually.  It’s just that we no longer need a pediatrician or a babysitter or many of the things noted there.  Here are some nice  templates though if you’re interested.

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ArtCricket2 said...

This was one of my favorite weeks! I want to make the jar goblins! Love the button candy, want some felted acorns, had a good smile with the video.
Fun start to the day!