Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eight Things

I’ve mostly been absent this week because I’ve been enjoying my evenings around my fire bowl.  The crackle and the smells have brought back some good memories- so today’s 8 things are 8 fires I have made memories around.

1.  Camping as a child- my mother could throw down a mighty fine meal cooked over the fire.

2.  Hayrides at Mr. Stoltz’ farm as a youth.   When I look now at the size of that farm, I realize that he must have just gone in circles to go as long as he did before we got to the campfire, but we never noticed. 

3.  The campfire at Camp Shanituk, my Girl Scout camp.  It was there we could put our hand crafted situpons to good use, and make those foil packets of campfire stew!

4.  Burning the Christmas tree every New Years Eve at Suzanne’s house.

5.  Church retreat at Camp Kavanaugh.   This one is full of traditions.  It follows the talent show.  Earle always goes ahead and gets it ready and has it blazing.  No one ever remembers to look for marshmallow sticks in they daylight so there is a lot of blind searching in the dark for those.  The adults always try to get away with singing Pass It On and KumByYah, just to mortify the kids.

6.  The barrels spewing fire at the haymarket at night when we would go down to pick out a Christmas tree.

7.  Of course,  Camp Loucon.

8.  And now in my own backyard.


Queen of Fun said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the burning the Christmas tree tradition. It was born out of poverty. We couldn't aford to have it hauled away. Come to think of it -- there were a lot of fun things born out of lack of funds. Pop corn balls for Christmas, yard sale 50 cent splurges and of course the Unique Thrift Shop. I feel sorry for the rich folks.

donna said...

Queen of Fun's comment about pop corn balls for Christmas brings back sweet memories for me. It's something I need to start doing with P. I luv that you're enjoying the fires in your own backyard these days.