Saturday, October 3, 2009

8 Things Worth Remembering From This Week

1. Underneath the brightest of full moons, K and I had our own Mid Autumn Moon Festival observance by eating moon pies and talking of people we are thankful for. The list was long and star-studded, with many of you on the list!

2. Ah, that fire bowl! I had wanted one for over a year, and I have not been disappointed. After having used it several times this week I’m catching on to how to lay a fire that will be warm and will snap and pop and smell good, and that will go out after an hour or so. The first one continued to burn long after I came inside! I’ve had good chats with DH, lots of good time for thinking and dreaming and praying, and tonight K and I even roasted marshmallows. So worth the wait.

3. DH picked me up from work a couple of days this week in his convertible. There are generally only about 11 days per year that I care a thing about riding with the top down, and they all pretty much happen in the fall. I prefer to ride in it at night and among trees where the occasional leaf falls into my lap.

4. Butternut squash. DH has always been the winter squash cook around here, and I don’t even care how much butter or pure maple syrup he must be using. Divine. And what a nice week of overlaps at the farmer’s market- the same meal with the butternut squash also included a huge pan of roasted cherry tomatoes, orange and red peppers, onions, shallots. The summer garden blending into fall.

5. I hate Wednesdays. It's a day of meetings at work, and hump day of course, and just is not my favorite day of the week. This Wednesday however, before the work day even started, I had the sweetest text from my son just saying he hoped my Wednesday went okay and that he loved me. It totally changed my outlook on the day!

6. K had her senior night this week, a volleyball tradition. They make a big deal over the seniors including calling out their names and having the parents walk them out across the gym floor. Dear friends showed up to cheer her on. She got flowers. Team dinner afterwards. A great night for all of us.

7. My hibiscus plants are putting on one grand finale this week. They were so beautiful as I walked out the door the other day for work that I clipped three huge blooms and took them to work. They showed off all day long and got lots of attention, and when I returned to work the next day they had vanished, leaving only their stems behind.

8. I clearly have a love affair with fall! I am my best self in spring and fall. I pretty much missed last fall, having fallen into a deep hole that I didn’t crawl out of until mid-winter. I think that makes this fall all the more wonderful. I am so aware of God’s big extravagant love and tender care for me.

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ArtCricket2 said...

What a beautiful post! I hope you enjoy every minute of this wonderful fall, especially with your family around that new fire bowl.