Thursday, January 3, 2013

What I Am Loving Today


This little heater was my Christmas gift to DH who is ALWAYS colder than I am, year round.  This enables him to close our room off and make it nice and warm and toasty when he is sleeping during the day. (he works nights)  I turn the heat off at night but leave the little faux flame glowing and it makes me feel snug as a bug when I settle in .  I sort of wish I had seen Alicia’s little stove in white before I bought this one, but the black suits my childhood phone. (GLendale 4-5569, party line) Anyway, I love this cozy little stove today.

And my room is NOT bright yellow- just the exposure of the picture.


Lindalou said...

What a great idea for the one who is always colder. Love the phone.

donna said...

May I please sleep over one night to enjoy the glow of the flame. Fabulous photo and even more fabulous gift. So glad you are still blogging.

Parkway 2-0955 for us as kids, not a party line though.