Friday, November 18, 2011

Underneath the Same Big Sky

Tonight my heart is filled with love and admiration for two dear friends who stepped in to parent a newborn baby who needed lots of love and tender care.  From the neonatal ICU to his own bed in their home, they have spoken love and hope over him, have insulated him from things he wasn’t ready to bear, have given him the safe place he needed to grow confidence and strong legs and big dimpled smiles.  Today by court decision, they have placed him back into the arms of his birth mother.  The nine months of care that have undoubtedly changed the course of his life have also changed the course of theirs.    Somewhere, under the same big clear night sky, another mother is trying to get to know her son, and I sincerely hope she can be the mother he needs.  I hope that she will tell him in years to come that when she couldn’t give him what he needed that two amazing generous moms stepped in and gave him what he needed and more even at the cost of the heartbreak of saying good-bye.      Here’s to foster parents everywhere who don’t hold back, who give their hearts anyway. 


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Well, this just makes me cry. May they find peace in the knowledge they made a difference in this baby's life. Thanks be for them and others like them who extend the hand of love not knowing exactly where it will go.

donna said...

Not crazy about crying so early in the morning, but I'm thankful to have not missed this beautiful story of your dear friends and the loved baby.

The new blog look is amazing.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of all three mothers.

Anonymous said...

Sue - as the year mark has passed, I wanted to tell you how much this post meant to me. I looked at it often, especially in the first 6 months when we had no contact with him. And now as we are in touch with his family and babysit occasionally, I think how glad I am to know he is thriving, to be closer than just underneath the same big sky.