Monday, November 21, 2011

Prayers for a friend I’ve never met

It’s a funny world, this whole internet social scene.  In this world, I have many friends who I have never met, will likely never meet in person.  But I know the daily comings and goings of some of my blogging “friends” better than some of my day to day real life friends.  And the whole blogging community clusters and hovers over folks who are going through a difficult time or a joyous time.

I’ve been reading Alicia’s blog for years.  It was one of the first I ever kept up with regularly.  (It’s the third on my list of favorite places……out of hundreds and hundreds of others!)  We have all been waiting with great joy for word from Alicia who had gone to Chicago to be present for the birth of their baby girl.  We’ve all grown impatient and left hundreds of comments as we waited to hear all of the details. I don’t even want to say how many times I have checked in to see if there had been any news.

And today there was news.  And while I have always thought highly of Alicia, who has been through some very very big struggles in her adult life, I have never respected her more than I do after reading this post.

I can’t stop thinking of all of the people who get pregnant easily and take that for granted, or of all of the children who languish without love, and of all of the people I love right now in my own world who are longing for a child.   Praying tonight that big empty arms and little hungry hearts could find their way to each other, and soon.


Anonymous said...

What amazing people.

donna said...

I almost fell to the floor in grief when I got to the end of the post and saw the baby photos. :(