Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

Great summer subway art printable here, and in several options of colors!

Make your own curry powder!

This pillow is so sweet I want to hug it!

Some funny sentiments here!

I want to read this book. I noticed on her site that a book group had read it and prepared some of her recipes together. Sounds fun!

Lots of really fun retro things to be found here!

What an easy and perfect teacher gift!

What would we ever do without our sisters? Joann is lucky to have a sister who is so atuned to her and who feels her pain.


Allison said...

you always find the best links! i really like that house pillow. i think we must share an affinity for tiny houses.

donna said...

I read every word of Joanne's post and printed it out to share with my mother and sister. We have made friends with so many of the residents at Oakridge and many of them are there because of strokes. The "Forty Things I Need The Most" will be very helpful to us.

One day I was talking to Tessie, who I was told doesn't speak anymore. I told here about my garden and she smiled and said, "I had a garden." Needless to say, she's now one of my favorite people.